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Everyone is wrong about Apple’s Podcasts app

30 Jun

Apple released a podcast app this week that has been met with a fair amount of criticism by the podcast listening community.  Most of these people appear to have already tried many different apps or have been using iTunes podcasting abilities.  I don’t think that this app is targeted toward them.

This app appears to try and turn all of the podcasts that Apple hosts into the content needed for an internet radio.  I have used podcasts in the past, but thought that it was too much effort to keep them all synced when the content quality was just so so for most.  I instead would listen to the radio or listen to an audiobook.  The first was current and the latter was usually great content with very good production.

I believe this app is designed to not focus on individual podcast streams.  It minimizes the “subscription” aspect of a podcast. The main goal I believe is to just pick the topic that interests you, such as history, and then start listening.  After doing this you are presented with the latest podcast in a series that Apple curates for that topic.

This has left me able to pic my genre and start listening to  podcasts with good quality and very little discovery time. If I don’t like it then I skip and go to the most recent episode of the next podcast. It is a much less difficult way to get good content on your phone. I think that is Apple’s biggest goal with this app.  The people that will want to invest a lot of time into maintaining a list of their subscribed podcasts are the minority.  People really just want better radio and this app delivers it in my opinion.