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Why Android Doesn’t Have Volume

10 Dec

Eric Schmidt made a comment that developers would begin to develop for Android because it has more volume than the iPhone.  But with all of the different manufactorers of Android phones there is no volume.  No one phone from Android compares to any iPhone. For tablets Android can’t even claim a group volume success. Soon they may be able too, but it will be the same scenario of different manufacturers making different form factors and performance decisions. If this is what Schmidt truly believes then I think it is a very telling disconnect with the concerns of developers and designers.

Schmidt doesn’t understand how freeing it is to sit with an iPhone or iPad and think of design. The screen dimensions, size, and product quality is known to every designer. Most designers have dealt with creating web sites.  They have thought through a design, but it is very difficult to get that across to users consistently.  We all have different browsers and view them at different sizes.

Designers, developers, and users all love the iPhone and iPad.  They love them because the designers are able to focus on exactly how the user will interact with their creation.  They love them because the developers are able to focus on exactly the device that they will be using. They love them because Apple has focused on giving them the best experience.

With the iPhone and iPad designers, developers, and users have the most consistent interaction in the digital world.  In this respect Android has no volume. This is why people will be buy an App from the App Store. Because they know that it was made for them.