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Coding Presentation Tips

14 Feb

Last night I presented an implementation of a calendar in ruby with Grant. I reviewed Grant’s code while he reviewed mine.

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experience. Almost like a roast, but with code. I struggled a bit through the presentation with how things were being implemented and with relaying the problem that we were solving to the audience.

Afterwards Scott informed me that a better way to begin this presentation would have been to start with the client code, the use of the solution. What is your code allowing to happen. How is it being used. This information will at least let people up front know what is up and why you have written your code. Tests can do this for you, but if you could show this in the context of a real world example it will stick in their mind.

I thought about this and think that it is how I will begin technical demonstrations for the foreseeable future. Give people the reason, give them the why and then show the how. Otherwise the audience will lose patience and just start twittering.

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