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ZenTest autotest is now autospec for rspec

14 Nov

I spent a long time tonight trying to figure you why I couldn’t make autotest work with rspec.  I was eventually able to make it work, but when reading the rspec changelog I noticed this tidbit. 

Version 1.1.5 / 2008-09-28
IMPORTANT: use the new ‘autospec‘ command instead of ‘autotest’. We changed
the way autotest discovers rspec so the autotest executable won’t
automatically load rspec anymore. This allows rspec to live side by side other
spec frameworks without always co-opting autotest through autotest’s discovery

This of course means that the rspec gem distributes autospec and that you should use that to find your _spec files. Anyone using this in their terminal “RSPEC=true autotest” should now use “autospec”.

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