String to number conversion in Ruby

19 Sep

When converting a string in Ruby to and in using the value’s to_i method it will do some interesting conversion.


  • ‘5’ becomes 5 — Cool
  • ‘I have 5’ becomes 0 — kind of a weird failure, 0 could be a perfectly fine conversion
  • ‘5 is five’ becomes 5 — Really odd behavior, but the conversion is done until an incorrect character is encountered.  After this the rest of the string is ignored.  So
  • ‘5 is 5’ becomes 5
  • ‘5,000’ becomes 5

Where this is helpful so far is when someone is entering text through the command prompt.  When a person enters text prompted from gets the new line added from the user pressing enter is included.  So if a user enters 5, then the gets string contains ‘5n’.  In most languages this would cause and issue, but with how ruby does it’s conversion of ‘5n’ becomes 5.

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