Jeremy D. Miller — Bloom’s Taxonomy and Design Patterns

15 Apr

Jeremy has a post about understanding design patterns.  This post doesn’t have anything new for design patterns, but does have important content about understanding.  Often when learning a new technology or method we discover just enough to get started using it. 

That’s a normal step in learning, but it’s easy to only pursue topics this far.  The initial information is easy to find.  Getting a hello world example doesn’t take much effort either.  There’s usually a quick start that lets you make something slightly more complicated without any real understanding.

The key is to make a conscious decision whether the topic is worth focusing on after you have done this.  If so then be prepared to make a commitment to learning.  Look through the information that isn’t easy to decipher.  Think of a non-trivial task and implement this new idea.  Find other people that have traveled this path and talk to them.  Discuss with others that haven’t done this what you have learned.  All of this will accelerate your understanding of the subject.

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